NA Infinity Group

Join The Meeting

Dial-in Number

Using your phone, dial (978) 990-5148

Then enter the access code: 8203185#

Meeting Controls

Press *6 to unmute yourself to share.

Press *6 again to mute your phone when you're done.

Meeting Etiquette

Please be respectful of others sharing.

Please keep your phone on mute until you are ready to share, and put your phone back on mute when you're done.

Call Back Option

Some phone service providers charge their customers 1¢ per minute to connect to our conference line. If your provider is charging you per minute to attend our meeting, please follow these instructions:

It's now possible for hosts and participants to be "called back" and placed into the meeting. Simply send a text message that says "Call Me" to the Dial-in Number shown above and answer your phone when it rings, and you will be connected to the meeting line for free!

Alternate Numbers

If you hear a warning that says you might be charged for the call, please hang-up and try one of these alternative numbers:

  • (520) 420-9070
  • (209) 399-9031
  • (209) 399-9042
  • (520) 420-9074